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    Welcome to Hermitage2030


    What is Hermitage2030?

    A Comprehensive Plan is a long-range plan guiding the future growth, priorities for investment, development and redevelopment of a community. The City of Hermitage last adopted a comprehensive plan in 1993 and is now working on updating that plan.

    The purpose of this website is to engage YOU...the citizens of Hermitage.

    How can you provide your input? Leave comments on the Feedback page. Follow the City on social media and use #Hermitage2030. Attend meetings. Read the articles below to follow along as the plan progresses.

  • A Brief History of Hermitage

    Revolutionary War Land Grant Map with the current street grid overlay of the City of Hermitage.

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    Check back for upcoming events!
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    by Joe Pinchot

    With the Hermitage Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee having identified seven focus areas for the plan, the committee members are helping city officials hone in on the details. The committee met April 9 to talk about the city’s residential, commercial and industrial sectors, as well as its...
    Although you hear a lot of talk about the brain drain in Mercer County, how young people have moved away from the area because of career opportunities they cannot find here, a group of Hickory High School students said the city they live in has a lot going for it. It’s a safe place to live, an...
    Hermitage Fire Chief John Flynn can envision a much different fire service in the future than what is provided today. Speaking March 15 at a focus group meeting with city department heads as part of the Hermitage Comprehensive Plan information gathering process, Flynn said the city might be...
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    Please provide your thoughts, opinions and wishes for the future of Hermitage below.

    All feedback will be collected and incorporated into the plan; however, if you have a time-sensitive question, please contact the City directly.

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